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'I highly recommend Amelia Paige Thomas. I am the owner of Style Publishing Group and publisher of Frisco STYLE Magazine. We publish a full-color, photography-rich, monthly community magazine and currently distribute it to approximately 60,000 area homes and businesses. I am Amelia’s immediate supervisor in her capacity as a photographer and writer.

Through the years, I have learned to recognize and appreciate employees who exhibit three foundational attributes: integrity, initiative and dependability. I have known Amelia for more than a year and she has consistently demonstrated these qualities, and her maturity has garnered the respect of my staff as well as that of a number of our clients. Her regular interaction with my staff has demonstrated her ability to communicate, present unique, creative ideas and collaborate at a level not seen or expected among her peers.

In addition to her character, Amelia has demonstrated a knowledge and skill within photography that has served us well. She uses this knowledge and experience in capturing images for our publication but is also very teachable and open to learning new perspectives and techniques necessary to refine her art.

Amelia is an ambitious, organized, intelligent and capable young professional.'


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