Just when I think I cannot be in for any more sudden changes of events, life proves me wrong.


As this summer draws to a close, so does my summer internship. When Chris took me on in June (a whole blog post on that later), I made sure to make my intentions clear: I was not expecting money, and I was going to give the position all of my effort- and then some. If you are someone like me who has such a passion for something, all you want is to be able to exert said passion into a project. You want the hard work, the deadlines, the communication with a team- but most of all, you want to create something you're proud of. For me, I've known I want to be apart of producing a magazine that I genuinely love, and find creative inspiration from. 

Chris gave me all of those things. He pretty much gave me a second family, and we all make a magazine together. Second family goals.

Lots of things have come from my internship, which was, of course, what I hoped for. Experience, connections, and a product that I am proud of- these are just a few aspects of being an intern at Frisco Style. But, something else happened recently that was completely, 100% unexpected. And it made me cry. (A lot.)

Chris and I recently sat down to discuss where my internship is headed, and once that will look like once I begin my last year of high school (Yet another blog post to come.) I anticipated this conversation to be somewhat difficult- I naturally assumed that my time at Frisco Style would draw to a close with the summer.

Instead, I was offered a position. To keep doing photography. As my job.

There were hugs, tears, and lots of 'are you sure's'??

But Chris was sure, and I was- and still am- beyond grateful.

Here's to many more magazines, with photos by me, but the final product by our team.





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