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Portraits Without Faces is a project that focuses on my own interpretation of portraiture.

The images are not considered to be traditional portraiture, but act as unconventional portraits by suggesting feelings of recognition when viewed. I focused my images on moments in time that explore my relationships with who and what is around me, without the inclusion of specific individuals in my life. 


While it wasn’t my intention, this series has turned into somewhat of a collective self portrait. I see myself in the photos without seeing my physical presence. I see the photos acting as a subconscious mirror, showing me how I connect with the world and the people in it. I chose to execute this series with film and develop the images myself because it illustrates how my personal connections appear: slowly, and focused on my actions in the moment.


 In the photos, I see the intensity of my emotions, and parts of me that are inseparable from other people. I see signs of life, selfhood, unearthed memories, a heart of clay molded by the choices I’ve made. Portraits without Faces is meant to symbolize how, much like personal identity, portraiture can and should be a fluid experience.

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