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'Heart of Clay' is a project meant to provoke an intrapersonal questioning of what the word ‘home’ means. I did this through double-exposed film photos of the two places my family is scattered in: Germany and New York. Photos of each location were literally taken over each other, and I feel that this perfectly symbolizes a personal connection between these two worlds I have. Some images are more obscure than others, but the intimacy and vulnerability of my life remains in every photo.

These images also symbolize a pressure I feel to pick one home and stick to that. Pressure to assign a permanent definition to what home means for me, what to present to society as ‘my home’. But that definition is always fluctuating. I feel home when I hear a friend laugh, when a partner holds me, when I am surrounded by family. These photos are an attempt to push against this pressure of a definition, and to make art in a way others might not expect. 

This roll of film was completely accidental. I shot double exposed photos with no concept in mind, only the desire to convey this defiance I feel when asked to define the love I have for others. 

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