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Image by: Ofir Avita 

Amelia Paige is a photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Their art is focused on themes of personal expression, and strives to capture stories of authenticity and importance.


Amelia is currently a Post Production Intern for NBCUniversal, and is represented by Formato Fine Arts. They have previously worked with Soho Photo Gallery and 10011 CO. They're pursuing a BFA Degree in Photography at Queens College. 

Amelia strives to provide the space for a viewer to intimately connect with their work.



Contact Amelia at:



Miracle on The Mountain, SUNY Art Exhibition, 2020

Perpetual Escapism, Sol Underground Gallery, 2021

EXPRESSIONS, Slowburn NYC's 'Anywhere but Here', 2021

Portraits without Faces, Joplin Marley Gallery, 2022

Portraits without Faces, Living Gallery,  2022 


EXPRESSIONS, Pilot Magazine


CONNECT Residency, Joplin Marley Gallery


HEART OF CLAY, Pilot Magazine


EXPRESSIONS, Nerve Magazine


EXPRESSIONS, Mixed Magazine 


EXPRESSIONS, Luna Collective Magazine 


Winter's End, i-D

Runs In The Family, MADWØMXN Magazine 

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