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Western Melodies.jpg

Western Melodies is a project that encompasses themes of personal revelation while traveling in the western United States.

I remember how quiet it was. How it was entirely my choice to fill the space, or let it fill me. The vastness of the land allowed for endless room to interrogate a struggle of finding peace in solitude. The mountains called for the land to show itself without distraction, and acknowledging my smallness felt like the only choice in the end.

My partner and I spent 15 days in various parts of Wyoming, including their hometown. Every image in this project was taken in their presence, and I see their impact in every photo, regardless of their physical inclusion. The images are organized to visually represent the way these memories move through my mind. For me, remembrance feels like a mental slideshow, reminiscent of the 35mm film strips the photos first took form as. I have internalized a deep reverence for the quiet, immersive landscapes of Wyoming, and photographed what I could to provide the viewer with a documentary-style look into the terrain of the experience.

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